The power of text is paramount.

Bancharya offers you this power in a packet that consists of all language services like translation, subtitling, transcription and voice over.

Our team of expert translators have a specific expertise, relevant background and skills to handle projects that require a deep understanding of the subject matter.

Powered by technology our Transcription service is second to none. We work in all major languages and from any digital media format. We will tailor our services, especially for you of whatever you need transcribed – meetings, presentations, customer service recordings etc.

Subtitling is an art in itself. Understanding the linguistic connotations in the script and the cultural nuances on the screen is crucial. Our transcription and subtitling team can handle them with accuracy and speed.

Combined with our translation muscle, we’re your one-stop-shop for all your language needs. With experience we now offer service in most of the rare and odd language pairs. If you have unique requirements, please contact us and we will work out a schedule that meets your needs.

“A Faster Experience…. Happy Translating….”