Database Sale

Dear Translator,
So far you have been sending mails to many companies searching for translation projects. You may have also registered and filled quotations on various portals to get more work.
The response is slow and the effort involved is too much

What if…
You can apply to all the companies of the world in one GO.
… It saves you time and money.
… It saves you energy.

For the past 6 years I have been searching and collecting the database of translation companies from all over the world. For the past 2 years I have sold the database to many translators and translation companies. To collect the database I have employed many full time staff and have also sent mails for the promotion of my own business. I now have a comprehensive list with least NON DELIVERY FAILURES.
Cost for the database: USD 100 or Rs. 7000! (It is expensive because it is genuine and compiled over years.)
(This data is proprietary and resale is strictly prohibited. I reserve the right to refuse the sale of this data).

Database is yours. Use it, as many times as you want.
Just 1 translation order from any of the 50000 companies can recover your cost plus may earn you much more.
RUSH to reach the client first or delay in decision may give chance to other translators.
This could be the best investment you have made so far.

– Out of about 80,000 email ids searched, mail failures, duplicates etc were removed and now what you will receive, is a quality list
– Above 50,000 Company email ids and data collected over 6 years
– Over 95% tested for mail failures
– Over 90% accurate Translation Companies
– Most data is searched and no data is stolen from any company
Unlike other database suppliers, the database I provide is of good quality and devoid of hard and soft bounced mails. These have been checked for consistency as recent as June 2020.
All I can state is that IT IS WORTH MUCH MORE and delay is just your missed opportunity.

Above 50,000 Translation company verified email ids in a single day.
It may take many years and a lot of expense to search them.
At a discounted price of USD 90 (actual Price USD 100) until July 2020.

You can reach translation companies faster
Translation Companies will get good translators
We too will earn and can spend the earning to collect more data

1) Send us your request and profile for us to pre-approve your sale. We need to know your name, present profession, years in profession and PayPal details.
2) Transfer the amount and the list will be received by you via Email (about 24 working hour’s Indian Standard time).
3) Create a second id (so that when you send the mass promotional mails, business on your main Email does not stop).
4) DO NOT SEND ALL THE MAILS AT ONE TIME. Prepare drafts of emails. DO NOT USE ‘TO’ for multiple mails nor ‘CC’, Use your id for ‘TO’ and not more than 40 ‘BCC’ per mail. Do not send more than 400 in one day i.e 10 mails per day. Estimated time to send the mail to all email id’s is 90 days (use your intelligence here).