We have been using the available database for many years now. We have tried other suppliers too. We highly recommend Bancharya and can vouch for their sincerity and efficiency. Our business grows three times each year – thanks to them. In business, its all about reaching people. Keep up the good work. Affectionately,
Kamal Sharma (CEO) Ansh Intertrade Pvt Ltd.

I have purchased databases from 4 other companies. Lots of mail failures, in some redundant data and overall this is the only perfect database we have found. This list is the most accurate and worth much more than other lists.
Regina – Russian Translator

I found the amount charged a little high. I had to think many times before buying the list. Then I finally bought it and THANK GOD for this. I dont need any more work.
Thank you.
Ahmedjon – Uzbek Translator

Thanks for the list. You sent it very quick and I send mails regularly. In the past three months, I have received 8 clients due to my mails. For what you have done for me, you deserve a much better price. In a long time I have realized my dream that I must have regular work.
Diane Umutoni – Swahili, Rwandese Translator

I wish to tell people that I recovered the amount I spent in my very first order. Not many mails came back and I am sure now I am registered with at least those companies that I have written to. Good work and thank you. Highly recommended for each translator.
Fang Shan – Traditional Chinese Translator

Please charge a little more so that not too many people reach the clients. If possible send us monthly updates of new companies. I am giving a list of my friends – and suggest that you ask them too. Please also include the companies which are blacklisted if possible.
Shivani Sharma – Dogri Translator

I am a Turkish translator. Trusting a new person was difficult – but now I can confidently state that this is the finest list available of translation companies. My name is Abdullah and I have no doubt that this list is genuine. I checked from google based on a sample size. Highly recommended. Close your eyes and buy it – NOW. Please use my mail if you need to.
Abdullah Rahim – Turkish Translator

I've just returned from a holiday after so many years of being a translator. Money was always not enough. I had very little orders and once I mailed, I have an assistant now to help me with the work I have taken. Thank you Bancharya. May lord Jesus bless you.
Lydia Dunn – French Translator

I am a new Russian Translator and was looking for a list of only Russian Companies. BBS refused politely. I had to buy the complete list. It was a lot of money for a new starter. I am very happy that you did not accept my request because I now translate for many companies all over the world. Do let me know when the next lot is coming.
Abidjon Khalikov – Russian Translator