How can I trust a company from India and send money in advance?

Answer – When you send money through Pay Pal, you have the right to request for a refund if the party has not delivered as per commitment. You are safe. Above all, trusting a company who has a website, Bank Account and a Pay Pal id should not be too difficult to trust for such a small amount. You are smart and should calculate your risk factor.

How many mails should I send in one day?

Answer – The best way is to create another email id. From here send not more than 400 mails per day. You can put an auto-forward to see the mail replies on your present email id. Alternatively select an email provider and send all the mails in one go.

While sending emails, should I use to, cc or bcc?

Answer – Use your own id in the TO area, and each mail must have not more than 40 BCC. Remember not to use To or cc for all mails.

How can I be sure some orders will come?

Answer – Excellent question but unfortunately no firm answer to this. It’s all a combination of quality of mail, your offered language pairs, requirement of the client, rates etc. All we could do was to get you the lists. But common sense states that in reaching 35000 companies, it may take either 3 months or 50 years. This is what you need to chose. WHEN DO YOU WANT THE BUSINESS.

I believe most mails go in the spam folder

Answer – Depends on how many mails you send daily. You can send the mail through a good mailing service. IT MUST REACH. Client not opening the mail, not looking at spam folder or any other reason can not be a database responsibility. You also need to understand that any good company knows that they must check the spam folder. If they do not check, mostly they are not careful about business loss.

By selling lists ar’nt you irritating the Translation company?

Answer – We are giving them more raw material, making the buyer happy and also earning for ourselves. It’s a win win situation for all. Some companies definitely do not like mails. But look at it as if I am sending translators to them. How can a company be irritated with people applying to them of the same industry. They need translators. I am a source of getting them good keen translators. I earn by making both parties happy.

What happens if after mailing, I don’t receive a single order?

Answer – You will be very sad and so will we be. But what can we do. We have spent a lot of money collecting data. A small consolation could be that the mailing list you get can be used by you many times in future too. In case you still do not get orders, its a risk you will need to consider before going ahead.

Has this list been stolen from earlier employers?

Answer – I pride myself in collection of data for the past many years. I have employed many mailing methods, updated lists regularly and have had many staff working with me on a full time basis regularly. I have also made my internal software for organizing data which was very expensive.

Do let me have your questions so that I can place them here to make it easier for people to understand me.